Underoath: Q&A and special 2-song release from Observatory!

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Anyone else feeling like Summer 2020 is extra hot and thick right about now? Spencer Chamberlin and Aaron Gillespie of Underoath sure do, but regardless of the weather, they still prefer to tour in Summer. While Underoath won’t be touring any time soon (or any other band, really) – we were lucky to catch the dudes for a quick Q&A on #OffstagewithDWP to touch base on their newly launched live stream series, Observatory.

In this exclusive Q&A, the guys talk mainly behind the scenes of producing the Observatory, how these streams have been the most nerve wracking performances of their entire careers, and their dedication to bringing something unique to their fans until they can tour again. This episode isn’t all just Observatory talk though – tune in to hear about Spencer’s growth lyrically over the years, breaking up and getting back together, other incredible artists the band admires, and nerd out as Gary and Aaron talk mutual inspirations as drummers.

Like many metalcore fans, we here at DWP were ecstatic to hear about Observatory, where you could watch three of their most sought out after albums in their entireties: Lost In The Sound of Separation, Define The Great Line, and They’re Only Chasing Safety 🤯 If you’ve had a chance to catch the first two streams already, then you know they’re truly unlike any other streaming experience out there (and your voice was probably just as hoarse from screaming lyrics at your tv with them). The production and sound so far has simply been incredible, you truly feel like you are in the room with them. If you haven’t had a chance to tune in yet, #OffstagewithDWP has two exclusive songs to share with you today, just in time to get you prepped for their final performance of They’re Only Chasing Safety tomorrow!

We can’t emphasize this enough… you WON’T want to miss their final performance of Observatory – snag your tickets HERE!