Offstage With DWP: Exclusive Q&A with Brent Smith of Shinedown

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We’re not sure if we can be biased on our own Offstage with DWP episodes, but we’re pretty sure this particular one may be in the top five. Why? Maybe because Shinedown has tugged at our heart strings throughout the years and we just LOVE talking with Brent Smith.

In this episode of Offstage with DWP, Gary Spivack and Brent reminisce on our Shinedown love story. We had asked them on a date (well two, actually) and our hearts were crushed both times. We simply HAD to have Shinedown on a DWP fest, and as the saying goes, the third try was the charm when they finally agreed to play with us in Columbus, OH in 2008. Shinedown has been DWP family ever since.

Tune in to also hear about Brent’s Motown inspirations, Shinedown’s songwriting over the last 20 years, and how their Simple Man cover was dedicated to Judy Van Zant, who had supported Brent/Shinedown very early on in their career.

Similar to our previous interview with Tim McIlrath of Rise Against, the cadence between Gary and Brent in this episode blows us away. Brent’s storytelling abilities mesmerize us, and we truly wish we could sit and talk with him every day of quarantine. We think you’ll agree!