Pop Evil: Q&A with Leigh Kakaty

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Rock band Pop Evil is easily the definition of coming from humble beginnings. In their early years, Pop Evil were essentially a cover band, squeezing original tracks in between sets as often as they could, bouncing club to club while they earned enough money to make some demos. Once they were finally recognized by a talent scout, everything took off for them from there.

As a longtime DWP veteran, Leigh Kakaty of Pop Evil, joins us today on #OffstagewithDWP for an energetic and reminiscent Q&A with Gary Spivack on not only the band, but their history with us. Leigh talks his favorite cover songs, band firsts (like the first time they heard themselves on the radio) and many DWP / Pop Evil flashbacks. Stick around for the end – Leigh may just whip out his guitar for you!