Offstage With DWP: Q&A with Remington Leith of Palaye Royale

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When we had the opportunity to sit down with Remington Leith, lead singer of one of the hottest young bands out there, Palaye Royale, we knew there was only one person we could call to do a proper Q&A.

On this episode of #OffstagewithDWP, we are thrilled to introduce you to our newest contributor, your favorite Canadian raised metal head, Caity Babs! She not only lives and breathes rock n’ roll, but loves traveling around the world to catch it all. You can hear her on SiriusXM’s Rock channels Octane & Turbo, and see her weekly on Offstage with DWP.

Dive deep with Caity and Remington, who happen to be best friends, as they talk about anxiety, fan interactions, Palaye’s early days on the Warped Tour and what Remingtons’ dream festival lineup would be (FYI, we’re totally down to go to that fest!)

And, of course, there is lots of talk about Palaye’s new album “The Bastards” and the recurring theme throughout the album and how that also plays into their elaborate music videos.

This is a tune-in must for all “Soldiers of the Royal Council”, and if you’re not a member yet, we think you might sign up after!