Nothing More: Q&A with Jonny Hawkins

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We here at DWP absolutely LOVE being a part of a band’s history. We’ve watched artists like Five Finger Death Punch, Halestorm, Gretta Van Fleet and Dirty Honey go from side stage to main stage acts, and it’s truly inspiring to witness. One group that particularly stands out for us is prog-rock/metal band, Nothing More, going from side stage to main stage overnight… literally!

In today’s Q&A with Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More, Jonny and Gary reminisce on the exact moment in 2013 that cracked the egg for the band, and how it shaped the path for them moving forward. Hear what led Jonny to becoming a drummer (key takeaway… always follow your dreams, folks), and how the unique Scorpion Tail contraption they play on stage became a thing. Listen to both Gary and Jonny would describe Nothing More’s music (it’s not just “Blue Man Group” meets metal), Nothing More’s involvement with To Write Love On Her Arms, and stick around for a pretty impressive Encore Round!