Offstage With DWP: Myles Kennedy Q&A + Special Acoustic Performance

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This session of Offstage with DWP could be considered a crash-course on Rock n’ Roll as Myles Kennedy (you know… of Alter Bridge, Slash featuring Myles Kennedy, the Conspirators, and the Mayfield Four) and Gary Spivack cover almost every topic you could think of!

We start by diving into our history with Myles, who has played more DWP festivals than anyone outside of Corey Taylor (it helps when you front several major rock bands), as well as his brief, yet unforgettable role in “Rockstar”. THEN we dig deep… covering a range of topics from influences such as Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, Elton John, to songwriting (how is it different writing for Alter Bridge and Slash), a new solo album in the works and how Myles got into his groove as a frontman (…we’re asking you not to YouTube “Broken Wings”).

Finally, Myles reflects on what it was like to sing with Guns n’ Roses for their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and we discover Danny Wimmer and Gary Spivack’s bromance song.

As a finale to our one of the ultimate Rock ‘n Roll crash courses, Myle’s will leave you breathless with a one-of-a-kind acoustic performance that you simply can’t miss.