Offstage With DWP: Metallica 2017 Live Performance

In case you missed it. Relive Metallica’s set now!

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Headlining MAPFRE Stadium in Columbus, OH in May of 2017, METALLICA, along with Korn, The Offspring, Volbeat, Papa Roach, Primus and so many other incredible acts, made America’s largest rock festival one that could not be missed.

The highly anticipated festival was sold-out, and the other marquee act,  Soundgarden, was set to headline Friday night.  Tragically, Soundgarden’s frontman Chris Cornell took his own life the night before in Detroit, MI.  With one day to do so, a special montage featuring Chris Cornell was put together and friend to DWP Corey Taylor stepped up to perform an acoustic set in Cornell’s honor that featured a jaw-dropping you-can-hear-a-pin drop cover of Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Hear”.

Other unforgettable moments during this weekend included the Olentangy Orange High School Marching Band joining Papa Roach on stage during Born For Greatness (hear more about that on Tuesday’s Offstage with Jacoby) as well the reunion of the original lineup of +LIVE+ giving their first live performance in over 7 years.

From these monumental performances to mourning the loss of Chris Cornell, the emotions were high. Then…..the weather came.  The weather gods were on our side for most of the Sunday…..but mother nature finally had her way (doesn’t she always?!?) and severe weather warnings resulted in evacuations and a shortened Volbeat set that was direct to the highly anticipated closing headline set by Metallica. While we were all anxiously waiting alongside our fans the weather did in fact clear (well…kinda) for Metallica’s first-ever performance at MAPFRE Stadium.  While thunder and lighting was threatening throughout, the clouds parted and the sold-out crowd was treated to one unforgettable energy-filled intense Metallica bone-crushing set.

“It was a stormy night and we decided to ride the lightning…” – Metallica. The energy from the crowd was vibrating through the stadium. If you were there, we hope this inaugural Offstage with DWP episode, featuring their entire two-hour performance, reignites memories of this magical night for you. If you weren’t with us in 2017, thanks for joining us, we hope you enjoy and we can’t wait to see you soon!

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