Lamb of God: Randy Blythe Talks Photography on #OffstagewithDWP

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Heavy metal legends, Lamb of God, are known for the INSANE pits they draw to each live performance. Seriously… if you were to look up Lamb of God in Urban Dictionary, one of our favorite excerpts describing their pit is: “where a bunch of crazy motherf***ers charge each other like in brave heart.” – because it’s ACCURATE.

Mosh talk aside, we’ve been fortunate to have Lamb of God at many DWP festivals over the years, and even more fortunate to have become friends with vocalist Randy Blythe. If you didn’t know, Randy has been dabbling in photography for quite some time now, and all of his shots are truly epic.

In this episode of Offstage with DWP, you’ll see photos Randy snapped from bands such as Behemoth, Slipknot, Papa Roach, Deafheaven, Slayer, Chelsea Wolfe, Fever 333, and The Black Queen – and even better, hear stories behind each photograph. Some of the experiences shared take us down memory lane with Randy, while other discussions just go to show you how truly subjective photography, music and art can be. Randy explains it best in this episode: “rock & roll at times can feel dangerous or uncomfortable, proving the point that art is subjective… that once you put something out in the world, its no longer just yours, it becomes everyones” – and wow, that poetic perspective just makes us want to listen and talk with Randy all day long.