Behind The Barrel: Q&A with Trey Zoeller of Jefferson’s Bourbon

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Kicking off our inaugural Behind The Barrel series is non-other than Jefferson’s Bourbon! Jefferson’s is known for its innovative approach to maturing Bourbon, from aging in unexpected environments to developing experimental casks. Founder & Chief Strategist Trey Zoeller constantly looks for ways to push the boundaries of the Bourbon category while paying respect to the history and integrity of the spirit.

In the first installment of Behind The Barrel, Trey Zoeller and Kentucky Distillers’ Association’s Colleen Thomas discuss an array of topics, including Trey’s musical taste (sounds like Bourbon & Beyond is the PERFECT festival for him 😉), how Trey got into the bourbon world, the bourbon barrel aging process, Jefferson’s unique OCEAN aging voyages, along with his partnership and pairings with one of our favorite Louisvillian Chef’s, Ed Lee!