Offstage With DWP: Godsmack’s Sully Erna and Gary Spivack Get Personal

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Hard rock legends, Godsmack, is one of four bands in the history of music to have had three consecutive number-one albums (Faceless, IV, and The Oracle) on the Billboard 200 charts, along with four consecutive number-one singles. Godsmack has played over a dozen DWP festivals throughout the years, making them longtime friends of DWP, and drawing fans from all over the country to watch them alongside other amazing acts.

Sully Erna and Gary Spivack kick off this week’s Offstage with DWP series to chat about timely topics such as the current political climate, COVID-19 and how Godsmack is utilizing this time to create new music, Sully’s upcoming feature documentary, a Freedom Ride that’s in the works, and so much more. Hear what Godsmack songs have meant the most to Sully, his favorite song to play live, Sully’s favorite concert and concert memories (he may or may not have puked in front of Joe Perry, riding the barricade and like the champ that he is, refused to leave his “prime real estate spot”), and what it’s like as a band to be behind the scenes at a DWP festival.

Gary and Sully also discuss their mutual mission for The Grammy’s to create a Hard Rock category and explain why it’s imperative for bands like Godsmack and many others in the hard rock community to have the opportunity to receive awards for the incredible music they produce. It’s so easy for band’s like Foo Fighters (no hate here… we love you, Foo, and you deserve it all!) to win over and over again when other artists that aren’t as mainstream are drowned out in the blanket Rock category that currently exists. While Gary and Sully are actively working on this, we wanted to help spread the word here that we need more people like you reading this.. the FANS.. to step up and use your voices. Help your favorite Hard Rock bands receive the recognition they deserve for the music you all hold so close to your hearts, by contacting tell them Gary and Sully sent ya 😉