Offstage With DWP: Foo Fighters Festival Playback + Q&A with Chris Shiflett

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Foo Fighters is one of America’s most beloved rock bands, and we’ve been honored to have them play many DWP festivals throughout the years. When booking artists for the inaugural Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival in May of 2019, we thought of no better band to conclude our debut festival weekend than Foo Fighters.

Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival 2019 was truly an unforgettable weekend. The Friday and Saturday powerful performances by System of a Down, Disturbed, Ghost, Papa Roach, Lamb of God and many other incredible acts, had fans [+ DWP staff] eagerly waiting for the STACKED Sunday lineup.

Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans for us that day. A storm was brewing inclusive of high winds of 60+ mph, which ultimately forced us to cancel several bands’ sets and evacuate the venue. We were all praying to the Weather Gods that the weather would clear so Foo Fighters could still play. After what felt like an eternity, the Weather Gods listened and Foo Fighters was READY TO ROCK… and wow, did they bring their A-game (don’t they always?). We’re still riding the high of the energy felt throughout the stadium that night.

If you weren’t with us at Sonic Temple last year (or maybe you just want to reminisce), we hope you enjoy this #OffstagewithDWP playback, featuring thirty minutes of Foo Fighters’ incredible set.

As an added bonus to this episode, we caught up with Chris Shiflett to chat about Dave Grohl’s on-stage antics, how the band handles weather threats, his favorite song to open with and how he acts as “Tour Manager” with his kids during quarantine.

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