Dance Gavin Dance: Q&A Hosted by Caity Babs

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It’s a (zoom) party on Offstage with DWP today!

The boys of Dance Gavin Dance join us alongside Caity Babs of Sirius XM’s Octane + Turbo to discuss all things Afterburner! From the album artwork, to their graphic novel and live stream, the crew catches up with Caity on all the nitty gritty details of the release.

While we all LOVE Afterburner and could talk about the album forever, they also share some of their favorite DWP festival memories (ahem.. TOOL 🍄), and even shed some light on Tilian’s [interesting] dance moves. To be honest, after this episode, we’re thinking the band should re-brand to “Dance Tilian Dance” 😏

PS – BIG shout out to our partner The Pretty Cult for this #OffstagewithDWP episode!