Offstage With DWP: Bring Me The Horizon Song Premiere Of “Parasite Eve” + Q&A with JOrdan Fish

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We’ve been lucky enough to witness fan favorites, Bring Me The Horizon, evolve musically throughout the years and WOW has it been a journey. From heavy hardcore jams to some new pop melodies, we’re here for every version of music they release. We’ve watched them grow from a small side-stage band, to main stage headliner status and we couldn’t be more proud.

You may have noticed a trend in our #OffstagewithDWP artist blogs about our battles with Mother Nature lately. Welp, here we are again sharing how she cancelled BMTH’s 2019 headlining set due to her heavy winds and lightning at Sonic Temple, and once again this year as a result of her unforgiving global pandemic, COVID-19.

There was no way we could let this pandemic stop us from connecting you with one of our favorite bands from the UK, so we crossed that “virtual” pond to catch up with Jordan Fish. In this installment of Offstage with DWP, we talk with Jordan about the band’s early days on Warped Tour, how European festivals differ from American festivals and why the band is having more fun now with their “heavier side.”

We also learn all about Jordan’s firsts (in music that is), and talk about Bring Me The Horizon’s timely new single “Parasite Eve”, which we will be PREMIERING LIVE for you all. So tune into the premiere and then stick around for Q&A! Cheers, mates!